June is a month to celebrate family and community life. And if it has not already done, it is now time to spruce up the grill so that it fulfill its summer duties. Years ago I learned the busiest restaurant day of the year is Mother’s Day. But Father’s Day is different. It’s more like the busiest day of the year for back-yard grilling. It does not appear to matter what people grill. It could be hot dogs, brats, steak or fish. Most of them will be busy on Father’s day.

The activity of grilling is more than preparing the fire and putting all the components in place. When things go right, the practice of grilling provides an opportunity to share something good and to relax. Those long summer Sunday afternoons that are filled with a good spirit, good food, and company remind people like me of scripture. On a day like the one I have described, what comes to my minds is this scripture verse: “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Ps. 118. 24).

June is a busy time. All of our calendars will keep filling even as the month speeds along from the first day to the last. It is important to create a few pauses inside of that hurried pace. I encourage you to make sure to plan a few afternoons in the back yard with your family and the grill to just have fun and relax. Our spirits are at their best when we feel well balanced and our life is fully grounded with the people who are dear and the with Lord who is close by.

R. Carol Kress Gladbrook, UMC

“I consider the whole world as my parish.” John Wesley

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