So, today I want to talk to you about Wildly Important Goals and ask your prayers in helping the church define one. Some know about W. I. G. through the work place. Others who use a Franklin Planner may have heard of them too. And now the Iowa Annual Conference is introducing them to the churches. We are going to be asked to spell out ours in the not-so-distant future. The idea of a WIG is that employees (church members) can only concentrate on one or two big projects over a period of time. At the same time, if the goal is not accomplished, the organization (church) will fall back.

When the sole task of the work place is to accomplish this one, big goal, then things change in several ways. Likewise, if all employees have their own W.I.G. (which is a sub-set of the over-arching WIG), then folks don’t work at cross-purposes and the contribution of each team member matters. Workers have a clear focus, understand their role, and recognize their individual importance to the whole workplace. The right W.I.G. might even change attitudes around coming to work every day.

Some faithful readers may think I just went off the deep end and I know all this writing is lofty stuff. But I am trying to talk sense. Really. Just think what it would mean if all of us agreed that God could work through a W.I,G. set for our local congregation. Let’s say the goal was “We are meant to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Breaking down this goal would help us recognize a few obvious things we can do about it right here in Gladbrook. It is possible the church could tale a close look at the ministries we offer right now. Some of our groups might be re-purposed, and other task forces added so we would be more focused in the message of hope God calls us to more clearly of-fer with our church members, in the community and to the world. So, just what might be our Wildly Important Goal?

Well, all us know nothing ever stays the same in the life of a Christian nor in the life of a church. We have known many joys and we know too much about struggle. Perhaps the creation of a Wildly Important Goal will help us see the path forward so that our lives will be filled with the knowledge of God and our greater community be blessed through our faithful service. Please join me in prayer and discernment about the W.I.G. God is formulating for us. I look forward to its revelation.

R. Carol Kress Gladbrook, UMC

“I consider the whole world as my parish.” John Wesley

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