It is true, I celebrated a mile-stone birthday. I joined all of the other Baby Boomers who are at least 60 years of age. Thank you for flooding my mail box with well-wishes and laughter. Here are some of the better one-liners –
– At 60, your birthday suit requires regular ironing
– At 60, fortune tellers begin reading your face instead of the palm of your hand
– At 60, the candles on the cake threaten to set off the sprinkler system
– At 60, your parties don’t even wake up the dog, let alone cause the neighbors to complain.

Now that I am 60 my ideas about older people have changed – a lot. When I was young, I envisioned most 60-year-olds as folks who sat in a rocking chair watching the corn grow. Now I think we should trade in those rocking chairs in for golf carts. The old people that I know are on the go!

There are Asian cultures where it is seen as a handicap to be young. The Chinese believe that as a person grows older, they grow in wisdom and resourcefulness. When asked ‘How old are you?’ A 55 year-old might fudge and claim to be 60. Perhaps we need to adopt their point of view. Then we would better resonate with Psalm 90:12 which states, “Teach us to number our days, O Lord, that we might present to you a heart-full of wisdom.”
The aches and pains that loom in my future don’t occupy my thoughts as much as you may think. However, I do have a prayer I say daily: “Lord Jesus, help me be true to you by loving and serving you and also your people.” There are days when I am closer to the ideal of this prayer than others. But I hope that by staying persistent with that prayer I’ll be more aware of the coaching God gives to me and I’ll keep moving closer to that goal until my the clock runs out and the game changes.
This leads me to an observation and an invitation. If it is true that I have grown wiser over the years, then I have observed that when people pray together big things happen. Therefore I am issuing an invitation for you to pray my little prayer too. I believe that God is up to something and by lining up our desires with his that good things happen. When our Christian family asks God to show us how to best love and serve Him and his people, then something big is going to happen. It has something to do with being his hands and feet. We are building His kingdom and that legacy will be ageless.

Let’s pray right now; “Lord Jesus, help us be true to you by loving and serving you while loving and serving your people. Amen.”

R. Carol Kress Gladbrook, UMC

“Go where your best prayers take you.” Frederick Buechner

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