Have you used the old expression “Would, you help me out because I’m still in the dark?” Or,
have you asked someone to “enlighten” you? Not long ago I attended a class where a lamp stand
was passed around, and when someone had a good idea they were encouraged to pull the chord
and turn on the light before sharing with the others. The metaphors of light and dark are common
in use. And that’s been true through the ages. The Gospel of John explains that Jesus is
the Light of the World. All of us understand the importance of light and just what this description
of Jesus Christ means So, it isn’t hard to catch onto the depth of despair described in the
Gospels as they tell of the death of Jesus. This terrible event was accompanied by darkness that
fell across the land at midday. And there was the blackness of the tomb that was sealed with
the stone. While I do not know fact, many dramas depicting this event will accompany the telling
with murky skies, lightening and mud. Those who were witnesses of these events were left
with destitute spirits.

The contrast between light and dark or day and night is something I have pondered for a long
time. Recently it led me to attempt to find a place where I could experience total blackness. I
tried to find a spot outside, but even when I tucked into a shadowless cavern there was light. I
tried shuttering myself into an interior room of the house, but even with all bulbs off, light
crept under the door. Once, I thought I found a place where I would be in total darkness, but
my eyes adjusted, and I saw dusky impressions. So after my failed attempts I returned to scripture
with a renewed understanding that light has the qualities of persistence and endurance. It
is no wonder when Jesus was described as “the Light of the World” or the “Light of Life” the metaphors
are so powerful for me. It is no wonder they are linked to the Easter promise of eternity
within the light of his presence.

Well, I’m yet not done with my study of ways the two terms, (darkness and light), are used in the
Gospel of John, the New Testament and the theology they present But since I’ve spent all this
time pondering, I am even more thankful for the gift of light and life Jesus Christ brought to a
dull and dying world. My prayer is that all of us will remember the importance of his gift as
spring returns to our world, or each time the bright and beautiful rays of God’s sun rise up and
stretch over the waiting horizon.

Your Servant in Christ
Rev. Carol Kress

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