“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7
There at the top of my book case is a little engraving of that verse inside a frame. It was given to me by church members in Williamsburg. They tucked it into a moving box that went with me to Decorah. The Williamsburg church was about to make an important decision about the old church building and what to do to accommodate the growing congregation. So when I saw the engraving I smiled. The verse provided to us encouragement and assurance that God was indeed, unfolding the map as that church and I walked forward. Little did they know that within five years their congregation would worship in a new building. Little did I know about my future too. I had no clue that during the summer of 2013 God would transplant me once again. This time to Gladbrook.

My goodness, since the time of my arrival a lot of water has gone under the bridge. We have some terrific new church members. We have said “good-bye for now” to great Christians who have entered into eternity and are now a part of the company of Saints (including my mother). Our ministry through missions keeps evolving and touching new places. The leaders of Sunday school and the Community Kid’s Club ministry have expanded and grown in confidence. And the children have grown too. Although we are in the midst of changes inside of our beloved denomination, there is stability here. The general mood of our church is lighter, yet it has energy, don’t you think?

Moving always pulls on the strings of our hearts too. When I am packing for the moving van, I want you to know that the good friendships, great memories, and experiences God has given to us are being packed for the journey and will not be forgotten. Thank you for being such a faithful Christian community and great friends of mine.

The blessing of our denomination is that I am confident Rev Gideon and Jhonna Gallo, (Ruthie and Josh) will lead and serve here with all of their hearts, minds, strengths and wills. It will be awesome to have a family in the parsonage and to be with them as they learn the ropes. Let’s all be mindful that Pas-tor Gideon and his family are “walking by faith and not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7) too.

So I am confident you will do your best to work with the Gallo family and bring to fruit whatever God has intended for the Gladbrook church and community. Let me complete this final musing with something I wrote a long time ago which seems fitting for today. Don’t be afraid of a new horizon. You may not be able to see beyond the bend, but God can. What’s out there might be all of which you have dreamt. So quit waiting and start moving. Forward. Life is a disco ball.”

May blessing and unity prevail upon this household of God.

Rev. Carol Kress, Clergy – Gladbrook United Methodist

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