“Living According to the Riches of God’s Love”
….and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love.
-Ephesians 3:17-

The Bible tells us that being alive means being loved by God. It means that we can love only because we are born out of love, that we can give only because our life is a gift, and that we can make others free only because we are set free by God whose heart is greater than ours. When we place our lives at the center of God’s love, God creates a space where we can enter and dance our own dance, sing our own song, and speak our own language without fear. Our faith walk will no longer be a burden or threatening or demanding but it will be inviting and liberating.

God is rich and abundant in love! God is love and that he loves. This is the simplest, deepest, and truest statement the New Testament makes of God. Because He loves, He acts in love. Love is in and over all His works.

In love and for love He has created us out of nothing. In love and for love and by love He has redeemed us from sin, death, and the power of Satan. In love and for love and by love He sanctifies us unto eternal life. We are to root our lives in this love. This love is without meaning unless we are rooted and grounded in it.

For us children of God, love is not something we arrive at, it is something from which we start. We arrive at love only because we start from it.

The story of the movie Fireproof is a classic example of this. Kirk Cameron a heroic fire captain who values dedication and service to others above all else, found himself living from the periphery of his most important part of his life-his marriage. For him, life without his wife will be meaningless. He tried everything, yet he came to discover that no matter how they work hard, they failed to arrive at love. But when they start from love, the ending of the movie shows that they were able to arrive at love.

For us love is not so much something we live for, as it is something we live by. Only as we live by love are we enabled to live for love.

We, children of God do not so much fall on love, as we fall in love; only as we fall in love have we any right to fall on the love of others.

For us love is not a peak we try to scale; it is the solid ground we stand on. Only as we stand on the solid ground of love are we able to scale the heights and peaks of love. Love is love’s reward.

The Christian is one who announces to the world that it need not scavenge for crumbs and fragments and live life without meaning and purpose. The world can now live from the riches of God’s glory. And the riches of God’s glory are his love as our heavenly Father, his presence in the person of his Son, his power in the reality of His Holy Spirit. We Christians live from the fullness of God Himself! And we proclaim to the world the same possibility of riches and abundance.

God is rich and abundant in love.
Pastor Gideon

Holy Laughter
“Humor is prelude to faith and laughter is the beginning of prayer.”– Reinhold Niebuhr
A man died and went to heaven. St. Peter escorted him past mansion after dazzling mansion until they came to a dilapidated shack at the end of the street.
The man stunned and said, “St. Peter, why am I stuck with a rundown shack when all of these other people have mansions?”
“Well, sir,” replied St. Peter, “We did the best we could with the money you sent us.”
(Alex Vergara, Hawaii)

“When giving to God, we are just taking our hands off what belongs to Him.”
(Chaplain’s Page)

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