“Living in the Realm of Prayer”
Pray without ceasing….(I Thessalonians 5:17)
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this means that we will be busy planning for celebrations and family dinner. Not to mention about shopping. If there is one thing we need to do during this time of thanksgiving season, we need to pray.” We need to immerse ourselves in the realm of prayer. As Paul indicated in his Letter to the Christians in Thessalonica, “Pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17).

   It is not enough for us to merely believe in God. We must cultivate and nurture a hunger that desire to hear from God, to know God and to capture His vision. Prayer is at the heart of this desire.

John Wesley pointed out, “Prayer is the breath of our spiritual life. Without prayer, our life in God cannot continue.” He warns, “Nothing can be more plain than that the life of God in the soul does not continue, much less increase, unless we use all opportunities of communicating with God.” Wesley strongly believed that “the neglect of prayer” is the most important cause for Christians losing their faith.

If I have one gift to give to our Church, I would offer the gift of prayer. Everything follows from prayer. Have you ever wondered why this is the first promise in our membership vows?

I strongly believe that the question asked by John Wesley “How is it will your soul?,” at the beginning of the conduct of Annual Conferences, Class Meetings, Societies and Band Meetings is a question that inquires the hunger of the heart. It evaluates the state of your relationship with God and it is in the context of prayer because Wesley believed that everything follows from prayer.

Same with our church! Anything happening to our church is attributed to prayer and everything that will happen to our church can be attributed to prayer.

Pastor Kim, the pastor of Qumran Methodist Church-the seventh biggest single congregation of the whole world, is noted for his prayer life.

Before he married his wife, Pastor Kim asked her four questions. FIRST, he asked her, “The church is in dire need of prayers. Would it be ok with you, if we just cancel our honeymoon and have an overnight time of prayers instead?” To this, his wife answered yes.

So he asked his next question. “The church is so poor, it does not even have a bell what about not buying wedding rings for ourselves so that we could get a bell for the church again?” Again, she readily said yes.

Then came the third question, “Also, an extravagant wedding is inappropriate at this time. Let us just have a simple one-no entourage, no photos, no reception. Would that be ok with you, too? She said yes the third time.

Finally, he asked, “We also might not ever have our own bank account. You see, the work might require us to give our all to God. Would that be ok with you? She answered this last question just as she answered the previous one.

Here lies the secret of Pastor Kim. Together with his wife, they embraced the gift of prayer, lived and still living in the realm of prayer and made God’s concerns their priorities.

It took many years of prayer before he saw the fruits of his ministry. God grows his church. God increases his ministry.

What kind of prayer can produce such wonder and miracle?

When asked about the wonders and the miracles of his prayer life, Pastor Kim said: “Remember if you live, the church will die. But if you die, the church will live.” It is a prayer that leads to dying of self.

During this thanksgiving season, immerse yourself in the realm of prayer.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus. (I Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Pastor Gideon

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