Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,
To God’s holy people in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus:
-Ephesians 1:1-

Beginning this month, I will be writing a meditation article for our Monthly Newsletter on the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians. On this August issue, I want us to meditate on verse 1.
The letter was directed to the early Church. The letter is about the church because it is about God’s purpose. We read it, and we find it speaking to us and about us who are in the church.
Gladbrook United Methodist Church Family, we are God’s people-HIS HOLY PEOPLE OR CONSECRATED PEOPLE. Remember, holiness does not mean sanctimoni-ousness. “We do not make to show or even to claim that we are morally superior to other people.” Holiness is not about that! Holiness is the quality of sinners who have come together with love for one another because they have responded to God’s love for them. Jesus makes it clear how and why we belong to God. It is Jesus who has made God real to us and ONLY Jesus.
Jesus wore no halo. Jesus wore the clothes of a Galilean villager. Jesus mingled with people, and God became real to them because of that. Jesus shared with them the meaning of God, His nature and character. The Church is God’s people mingling with the world as Jesus mingled, that God may become real to the world-that God will become visible to the world. The Church shares with the world the meaning of God and His mission and purpose and vision.
Paul knew what it was to be sent by the will of God as Christ’s messenger among people. Let us bear in mind that the will of God is God’s total purpose of love for humankind in history and beyond it.
You heard it from me many times, “To be God’s people, to be the authentic Body of Christ here in Gladbrook Community and beyond, is to let God fulfill His purpose and mission the through us.

Let us pray: Our Father, let us find the fellowship to which you have called us, the fellowship of those who are sacred and holy to you and faithful in Christ Jesus. As Jesus was sent to make you near to us and all the people of the world, so set us in the world, especially here in Gladbrook Community to make you visible and near to all people here in Gladbrook. In Jesus mighty Name. Amen!
Pastor Gideon

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