The Only Way
“6 Jesus said…, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” -John 14:6-
Most of us have had the experience of finding ourselves in a strange place, unable to find our way back to our starting point or else unable to find our way toward our destination. What we have done then? We asked directions from someone. Now sometimes the directions given were quite simple: “Keep on walking straight ahead until you come to the next crossroad, then turn left and you will find the place you are looking for when you come to a small bridge.” Very well, anybody can follow directions like these. But sometimes we hap-pened to be still quite far from our destination and the directions given were very complicated: “At the first crossroad turn to the right when you come to a big red water tower, then three crossroads father turn to the left, then turn to the right when you have gone past the church, then turn left after a mile and a half.; the place you are looking for is on the fourth street past the old house.” In such a case we invariably got lost again before we were half-way to our destination. However, it might have sometimes happened-very rarely, in fact, but miracles do happen-that the person we were asking directions from has told us, “Come along, I’ll take you there myself. You see, I happen to be living right next to the place you are looking for.” When that happened, we knew we could not possibly get lost: the person helping us became our direction and our way, such so that we could not miss our destination anymore.
John 14:6 articulates this for us today. Jesus is telling us, “you do not need any complicated directions. Just take my hand and follow me. I AM THE WAY.
Unfortunately, many Christians are not too aware of what that means, namely, to have Jesus as the way. They take for granted what is actually a tremendous advantage. For indeed, the great majority of human beings on this planet have to find their way through life by means of a very complicated directions, or even without practically any directions at all.
We do not need to stumble and even wandering around. We do not stumble it by gosh and by golly. There is a way. And Jesus tells us today it is through him that we find the way. He is the ONLY way. The safest, most secured, most dependable way of life is by Christ. That is why Jesus said, “I Am the Way.”
If we want to find our way to the place God has created for us we must follow Christ. This is our hope in our journey of Healthy Church Initiative. We are not only travelers through life, we are also called to be learners, Jesus went on to say, “I AM THE TRUTH.”
We are created for the truth and seeking and living the truth is what we are called to do. However, when you think about it, it is ironic. While more books have been written about Jesus than about any other person who ever lived, Jesus never wrote a book. He didn’t sit down and write about the truth or anything like that. In fact, there is only one instance in the gospels when Jesus wrote anything and that was in the dust at his feet and we have no record of what he wrote.
Instead of writing about the truth, Jesus lived it. His life was a witness to the truth. And the truth of his life is seen through the eyes of the blind man who now sees. The truth of his life is seen in the leper who returned to give thanks, the dancing feet of the lame made well, and the dead now raised to life. For Jesus is truth in the flesh-truth incarnate-truth able to say, “If anyone sees me, they see the Father.
When we look at Jesus, we see the truth about God. We learn that, first and foremost, God is love. It is God’s nature to love. It is God’s nature to show mercy. It is God’s nature to forgive and accept the outcast, welcome home the prodigal. In Christ, we see the very nature of God whose love for us is unearned, unwarranted, and most unexpected. And when we look at Jesus, we learn the truth about the life God wants us to live. We, too, are to love, to forgive, to show mercy, and welcome each other, and in doing so, be part of the truth of God.
When Jesus says, “I AM THE TRUTH,” he confronts us with our failures to forgive, our refusal to show mercy, and our self-righteousness pride that puts others down. That is why it is so important that Jesus not only say, “I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH” but also say, “I AM THE LIFE. For without Jesus, there is no life in us. Left to our own, judged by our own thoughts and deeds, there is no hope for us. Without Jesus there is no life.
I AM THE LIFE. These words are Jesus invitation to us to come to him, to receive in him the gift that God created for us.
Who can get lost when the directions are so simple? There is only one guide: Jesus, THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE.
NOTE: This article was written before the approval of the HCI prescription. I do not know the outcome, but I believe that Jesus must always be at the center.
Pastor Gideon

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