(A meditation Based on Isaiah 40:25-31)
As you and I stand on the threshold of a new experience, consider this; “Let Us Begin With God.” Let us not treat God as a mere accessory or as optional, but as God-the Creator, the Redeemer, the Comforter-who is part of any worthy endeavor to bless and help.
So the question is: “How Do We Begin With God?”
We must be honest about ourselves at the very outset. How very limited we are, but how unwilling we are to admit! We shall learn about ourselves sooner or later. The prophet cried to the callow young men and women whose lives were yet before them: “Remember…your Creator in the days of your youth.” Be humble. Be honest. Remember where you came from/
Are you and I gods, or there are limits to what we are and can become through our own strength? Many today feel as the spies felt who came back and reported to the children of Israel that they saw giants and said, “We seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers: and so we seemed to them.” Moreover, you and I must confess to being driven by pride, envy, evil desires, and anger. Yet we are reminded, we must begin with humility.
That is possible only if we look to God for our resources, rather than ourselves.
The witness of the Bible tells us that God is able to bring victory and success into these faltering, ineffectual lives that have suffered so many humiliating defeats. He will deliver us, in his own way, and in his own time.
We may begin with God at any significant juncture in our life, confident that he will be with us (Emmanuel) all the way. The unspeakable love of God is able to absorb our defections and despair.
Remember, we cannot live victoriously without God’s continuing help. We must begin confidently with God.
Our unhesitating commitment to God must be without reservation. There must be no private sanctuary for self. We must draw the curtain of concealment over any loyalty, any love, any sin, anything contrary to God’s idea and plan!
For that, we must faithfully and consistently avail of the means of grace; otherwise, our inner life will be like an empty house, cleaned and swept, and perfectly prepared as a residence for the devil. There is nothing more horrible that a spiritual vacuum. God in his mercy gives us Christian friends and companions. God gave us prayer. God gave us love; therefore, as we attend church, participate in communions, read the Bible, pray, and live lives of love and tender care, God pours his power into our lives and thus enables us to do those things we could never do through our own strength.
The urgency of immediate decision sweeps down upon us as we welcome the dawning of another year. We must begin with God- WE MUST BEGIN WITH GOD NOW.
Pastor Gideon Gallo

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